Monday, August 2, 2010

Anti-Blogger goes Blogger

Yes my friends, it has happened. I honestly thought this day would never come. Ok well lets be real for a second, I at least didn't think it would be so soon. I had -until now- pictured this moment to be about six years from now when I'm married and presumably strapped down with children thus creating a bloggable life. However something has gone wrong. The little voice in my head is saying "Chelsea why.. WHY are you doing this to yourself?? How could you stoop so low?!" Cause I know I'd like to say I am still part of the anti-blogging community. But the mere fact that you are reading this now is a little red flag alerting you that something has changed besides the fact that I am still 19, single, and childless. All traits which I deem unbloggable. So how the crap did I end up creating a online ranting site to either A)attempt to entertain others peeps who may or may not care about my life B)entertain me while at work or C)psychologically make me feel better by ranting about the random quirks of life? Wellllll no need to worry, you're not alone. I've been wondering that too.

And I think I've narrowed it down to a few reasons.
1 - Peer pressure
2 - Stupidity (this can be combined with previous if you so desire)
3 - A lifelong bad habit of NOT keeping a journal

So here I am at a lovely family dinner last week and the topic of Scotland comes up. Which is totally fine, I thoroughly enjoy talking about it! It's nice tell people about what I'm doing, and see if they have any advice for me. Well of course my Aunt, bless her, keeps saying she is thrilled for me and can't wait to hear all about on facebook, and to make sure I take plenty of pictures. Then something bad happens. Something really bad happens. I say to my Aunt:

"Ya I've been thinking of making a blog"

SAY WHAT. I will tell you straight up that I had not been thinking about making a blog for Scotland. I don't know where those fateful words came from. Possibly my subconscious was pondering all the blogs I've been looking at lately while at work, and thought "Mmmm yes I'm a bloody genius, a blog would be a great idea for Scotland". I just don't know. Maybe it was inception. Maybe Leo got to me and an idea was planted into me. Whatever the case, my Aunt picked up on that faster than you could say chimichanga. It soon became a lost cause to try and take back the statement. The topic of conversation quickly went to what a great idea that would be, and how they would love to read about it. My sensitive side was being sucked in while my better half was giving logically reasons why I would not do it. I'm starting to feel what I like to call "chelsea being stupid and not thinking clearly" creeping over me and I am being suckered in, cause if you know me at all, it takes about .5 seconds to convince me of things. Yaaaa no good. Then my beautiful mother chimes in with "You could use it as a journal. I'd be a nice way to keep track of all the things you do over there! Think of all the pictures and stories you could have in one neat compiled place!"

Shoot... Now THAT gets me thinking. I start to reflect on my poor journal-making skills. Well... poor is a bit of an understatement.. I could count on one hand and maybe two fingers how many journal entries I have made since I turned eight. Two when I was eight and got my first journal. One when I'm in maybe fifth grade. One from Jr High. One in high school. And the others are just random experiences I've had spread out throughout my life. And every one of those entries (besides the first couple) always say something along the lines of, "I know I'm so bad at writing in this stupid thing, but I promise I'm going to try and be better." ...then three years later, "Why do I suck so bad at writing in this??" Its a vicious cycle. And its rather pathetic. So I got thinking, and I don't want Scotland to be like that. I want to remember everything I do over there, which for me is seriously impossible unless I document it somehow. I also want to be able to share my experiences with my beloved friends, cause heaven knows I might just die without them for five months.

So consequently here we are! I went against my better judgment and created one, even though I have no special talent or particular love of writing. Call me crazy, call me a hypocrite, call me whatever you want, but I look forward to posting my stories on here, and I hope you enjoy them.
P.S. You can thank my aunt and mom and possibly Leo for this blog :)