Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh the joy Novemeber 1st brings me!

Sue me, but I really hate blogging. It is sooo not my thing.

Well its been over 6 weeks, I think its about time I introduce you all to my wonderful flatmates! Haha i really like living with all international students. Its amazing how different and similar things are other countries and cultures. Living with different nationalities has definitely opened up my eyes to how big the world really is. I feel so privileged to experience these things firsthand and I couldn't ask for a better mix of people to live with.

So first we have Tereza! A proud citizen of the Czech Republic!

And here we have Paula! My north american sister from Burlington Canada!

Next up is Samaa from.. well... Holland and Germany and Iran I think..

And heres the beautiful Italian Sylvia

And last but not least is Lyn from Malaysia - (in the white shirt)

So yes! These are my wonderful flatmates! Like I said I couldn't ask for better roomies, they are so great! We have good times together that is for sure :)

Now just a little update with whats going on here -
  • Ive officially done my laundry ONCE since Ive been here. Hehehe. Now some of you might be a little repulsed by this. However.. can I just say that I feel very accomplished! A lot of you mocked me for the amount of clothing I hauled over here, but obviously it was a good idea. Considering doing my laundry costs about 10 pounds, I feel like I am being very economically efficient!
  • The great Bedbug Scare of October is finally over. We had a couple sketchy weeks of the possibility of having bedbugs, but finally last week our flat passed the investigation and we are bedbug free :) -seriously though, this freaked me out. I felt so violated every time I crawled into bed, wondering if I was sharing my bed with unwanted creatures.. Ewww. 
  • Finally I am no longer sick! I am pleased to announce I am back to good health :)
  • I ran for one hour the other day, I am so pleased with myself! I hate running and never thought I would do that for my choice of exercise in a million years. Despite the degree of hatred I have towards running, I feel so accomplished when I get done! 
  • I'm starting to unconsciously incorporate British slang into my vocabulary! Ross will be so proud. The other day on a day trip to Lanark (absolutely beautiful if i do say so) we had just finished lunch and I stood up and said "I wonder where a bin is". Ya. YA. It happened. And I was completely taken by surprise.. Who knows what else I'll be saying by the time I leave?? 
  • Ive taken up Ultimate Frisbee! I had my first training session last week. INTENSE. I was so bad, the person I was guarding on the other team was telling me what to do and where to run to... Hopefully I pick it up sooner or later. 
  • I bought T-Swifts new album this week and I cant stop listening to it. I love it so much! 
Halloween has came and gone once again, and I can officially listen Christmas music now!!!! Woohoo :) November 1st is always a good day for me. I know this just about disgusts some people, but I love Christmas time and the music that goes with it. Its funny though, since it is still so green here I feel weird listening to Christmas music during the day. So I wait til it is dark outside then I listen. It gets dark so early here, usually around 4:45 and it is dark. Its rather depressing! But at the same time its kinda cool haha. Interesting little tid bit - Glasgow the same distance from the north pole as Anchorage Alaska! Haha its a little bit warmer here though thankfully :)

Well that's all for now my friends! Don't judge me for my blogging frequency :)


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Melanie said...

I know you hate blogging but one day you will be glad you wrote all this stuff down! I'm glad you do because it is really the only way for me to sort of know what is going on with you since I am really no good at email! So cheers to whatever happens in November!